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Checklists of birds from different forests of India

Bird checklists from forests in Western parts of India

Bird list of Bharatpur and Chambal – Oct 2015.
Chambal was only a single day trip with birding done on the river and some areas around the river.
Bharatpur Chambal Oct 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 26.5 KB

              For images click here

Birds of Sonkhaliya
The rain that year was much delayed and even in mid July, not a drop had fallen in Sonkhaliya. As a result the breeding of Lesser florican was delayed as well
Sonkhaliya July 2014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 12.6 KB

               For images click here

               Read the trip blogs here and here

Bird checklists from Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Mumbai

Bird checklists from a wetland that has now been completely destroyed- Uran

Bird  checklists from forests in Northern parts of India

Bird checklist of Sattal Pangot– Mar 2012
Sattal Pangot.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 22.3 KB

               For images, click here

Bird checklists from forests in North-Eastern parts of India

Bird list of Mangalajodi wetlands – Jan 2015
Adobe Acrobat Document 98.5 KB

               For images click here

Bird list of North Bengal – May 2013
We covered Mahananda WLS, Latpanchor, Lava and Neora. Birding in Neora was practically washed out due to bad weather.
Adobe Acrobat Document 210.0 KB

               For images click here and here

Bird checklists from forests in Southern parts of India


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    Excellent content Madam,since I have the same lens (Sigma 150-500), I appreciate your skills in getting good pictures.
    The spider in Tadoba 2013 blog is the Giant wood spider , not Signature spider.


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    Great photos. The Rufous-necked Hornbill is a male.

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    yesterday i commented without seeing the date of the first DSLR photo....sorry !! for are a serious person...into photography, nature & wildlife & birding for long....seen your entire websight...thoroughly liked it....specially the himalayan birds your inspiring story wildlife happened to you !! read your blogspot on tadoba...superliked the photos...i was also wondering on the law of avarage...i have not yet seen a tiger in the wild!!..moving in NPs...for last 10 years...may be it will improve someday !!! also passionate about nature & wildlife...would like to keep in touch..keep up the good work u r doing.

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    Dear Sangeeta, Beautiful site. You have taken great efforts to develop it. I still remember the first moth photo you had sent for identification on the group. Best wishes

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    Hi Sangeeta
    The mushroom depicted in uncommon sights coul be "Artist's Conk - Mushroom
    Ganoderma applanatum"

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    Beautiful Sangeeta
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